Summertime blues

Summertime blues

It's been difficult to avoid talking about the weather this week!

Here in London it has been soooo hot.  I've been more grateful than ever for my cold water swimming passion - nothing like a cool dip to reset a boiling brain on a hot day.

The stuffy classrooms mean the pixies are plotting their release from school and making their summer plans.

The seaside has always been a big part of our lives. Part of my childhood was spent living within walking distance of the beach in beautiful Wales, and every year I take the pixies back there. Our family beach traditions are to build both a sand boat big enough for the whole family (an increasingly difficult task) and a gigantic castle with moat, fortifications and many many interior buildings including tennis courts and the like.

Most of us have childhood memories of seaside days out:  rockpooling for crabs, ice creams on the prom, seagulls nicking your chips, or just the itchy sand between the toes. I hope my seaside illustrations will conjure up fond memories for you too

Stay cool!

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