Pre Firework Festive Fizzing

Pre Firework Festive Fizzing

I love fireworks, and always take the pixies and anyone else I can persuade to join us, up the hill to watch the best* display in the world. 

I also love Christmas. You can probably tell that I have a weakness for colour and reasons to be cheerful.

This year is no different to any other as valiantly battle to not switch straight into Christmas mode at the first sign of a jumper

From the first week in December our home starts to transform until by the time the tree arrives in the week before Christmas, you'd be forgiven for thinking you'd wandered into the home of Buddy the Elf.

So here's a little sample of what I have available in my Christmas range this year, all of which will be available at the Country Living Fair next week!

*according to us, I'm sure there are lots of other lovely places to see fireworks too. 

NB the Pixies also have opinions on the THE BEST playgrounds, pasta cafes, fish finger sandwiches along with multiple BEST DAY EVERS, I can't possibly disclaimer them all so please forgive a little artistic license.

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